Plan to Train: Software

If you’re interested in putting the top-down planning methodology laid out in Plan To Train to work for you, can now purchase software tools to both plan and log your training, specifically tailored to these planning concepts. The planning and logging tools are available as Excel workbooks. TSOP has used versions of these since 2006; they’re pretty bomber. Also included is an example training plan that you can use as a template, or as a means to explore that software tool. Plus there’s a simple Karvonen heart rate range – RPE calculator. There is also a Google Sheets version for coaches – see the note below.

You can click the link below to access the download page for the softer user guide. The user guide highlights and shows you how to use the various features of each tool. It’s more informative than a cut sheet, too.

Using the Software v1.1.1

The planning, logging, and HR workbooks are available for $49 USD. You can purchase them using PayPal by clicking on the PayPal button below. (You’ll be redirected to the PayPal site, enter your info, then clicking on “Return to Merchant” redirects to a download page with a link to a .zip file containing the software tools.) Your purchase will help defer the cost of our web hosting, and the cost of software tools like Matlab and MathType.

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If you’re a coach, and wish to inquire about the Google Sheets versions of the planning and logging tools, send an email to shawn AT thescienceofpaddling DOT net .

The Science of Paddling – the book

Hey, it’s in the works!