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“Shawn Burke uses his experience as an engineer and passion for canoeing to answer the questions many of us have always had about paddled hulls. He establishes a common language, based in science, with terminology, definitions, and explanations that provides all paddlers the means to explore and understand the complexities of paddlesport, and become more efficient so as to travel further, faster, and with less effort. Whether you are a weekend recreational paddler or a national level competitor, this book is for you.”
Harry Rock, member of the ACA Paddlesport Hall of Fame and author of The Basic Essentials of Canoe Poling

“The perfect book for the paddler with an inquiring mind and a passion for math and science. The questions and solutions explored in each chapter enlighten and empower the reader with knowledge to be applied next time on the water.”
Chris Prater, owner, Ripple FX Paddles

“For paddling nerds like me, the articles that Shawn has written, initially on our website, and now in this compendium, have been fascinating. Want to know when it’s important for your partner in a double to keep perfect time? Need confirmation that it’s best that your partner goes on a diet – to fix the trim in the boat?! Want to know why a paddle works the way it does? It’s all here – for competitive, serious recreational or simply curious paddlers, this book is full of truly interesting answers to the technical “whys and wherefores” of paddling.”
Rob Mousley,

“Here it is! The facts and players needed to build an understanding of the physics of moving paddlecraft. This book is clear, factual, and full of detail. The how, the why, and stories to educate our curious minds about the sport we love.”
Bob Blair, Advanced Ship Handling Chief Instructor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy and owner, Speedboard USA

“If you enjoy getting out on the water and paddling, be it in a canoe, kayak, SUP, surf ski, dragonboat, or outrigger, then The Science of Paddling is an absolute must read! Shawn Burke not only makes science understandable and interesting, but he explains how these concepts can be applied to help make any paddler better. This book is packed full with practical paddling tips and advice, allowing anyone to become more efficient on the water. You will learn not only how and why certain scientific principles apply to all canoes and kayaks, but most importantly, how you can use this knowledge to move any boat faster with less effort. Whether you are a newcomer to paddlesports or an experienced racer, The Science of Paddling is for you. See you on the water!”
Peter Heed, co-author of Canoe Racing: The Competitor’s Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing and multi-time National marathon and downriver canoe champion